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2014- DEC-31


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Welcome to  the Folton Folt Great Dane kennel's new, English languaged website! Our kennel is a specialized Golden Gralanded Masterbreeding of the harlequin and black colour variete, included boston mantle and merle colours, too.


With a great pleasure we invite you to meet with our pack, the Folton Folt Great Danes, which we are so proud, and whom we owe so much joy and happyness!


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in the ring as an FCI judge







News and Updates at Folton Folt kennel



On  07 of November 2014. Folton-Folt Avantgard successfully mated  Folton Folt White Sensation.
We are expecting the puppies due to the first week of January 2015

Folton Folt Avantgard

Expected birth:
09 January 2015

Folton Folt White Sensation







Our pack enlarged with two co-own dog. Welcome to Brad  and Baronessa of Storm Cape!




Cheyen is now Champion of Hungary!


2014.10.11 Komárom Great Dane Speciality Kitűnő I. CAC Tijana Konrad (RS)
2014.10.11 Komárom CACIB Kitűnő I. CAC Korózs András (H)
2014.10.05 Jászberény CAC Kitűnő I. CAC Török János (H)


We have puppies!

On 19 of September, 5 puppies have been born from Avantgard and Yoko.





October 11, Great Dane Speciality, Komárom

Judge: Tijana Konrad (RS)

Folton-Folt Godiva: Exc I., CAC
Folton Folt Cheyen: Exc I., CAC




September 13-14, EuDDC Show, Nederlands

NDDL Clubshow:
Folton-Folt Godiva: Exc III

EuDDC Show:
Folton-Folt Godiva: Exc III




Sept 06, 2014.
KyDD Klubsiegerschau - Germany
as a judge with the BISS dog




On 25 of July, 2014. puppies born out of Folton Folt Youngblood and  Folton Folt Xyra  at  Storm Cape kennel.
We have 1/2 harl, 0/1 black puppies.


Folton Folt Youngblood

Storm Cape D Litter
25 July, 2014

Folton Folt Xyra


For more information, please, contact us via e-mail or phone.




Individual site of our mantle bitch, Folton Folt Getty is ready. Here I would like to congratulate to Getty and her owner, Robert Iozsa to their sucesses on shows!





New pictures: Folton Folt Ichabod, our merle puppy:



2014. 05. 18.
Alsónémedi DDK Clubshow
Judge: Simon Boss (CH)

Folton Folt Godiva

Exc III. (3/3)

Folton Folt Gentleman

Exc II, R.CAC (2/2)
Confirmed for breeding

Folton Folt Avantgard

Exc II, R.CAC (2/2)

Folton Folt Youngblood

Exc II, R.CAC (2/3)

Folton Folt Cheyen

Exc I. (1/2)

Folton Folt White Sensation

Exc II.,R.CAC (2/6)


Progeny Winner at DDK Clubshow: Folton Folt Youngblood




Wieselburg ÖDK Clubshow


Folton Folt Avantgard: Exc II, R.CACA (2/5)
Judge: Jose Garcia Abad (E)

Folton Folt Cheyen: Very good (2/2)
Judge: Jan Celakovsky (CZ)






Folton Folt Youngblood
sucessfully mated at Patakparti Király kennel
7 puppies born after him.





Apr 19., 2014
Judge: Dr Otto Schimpf (A)

Folton Folt Avantgard: Exc I, CAC, CACIB

Folton Folt Cheyen: Exc I, CAC, R.CACIB




We wish to all our Friends Happy Easter!





New pictures of our "I" litter.

For more information of the available puppies, please click here.

Our website enriched with  the personal sites of the I puppies as well their brand new images.

Our past litters site also ready!


Time to say goodbye:

Our condolences to the owners of ICh-MultiCh Wildboy



Our site enriched with individual sites of our past and present dogs.


2014. 02. 15. FEHOVA CACIB Judge: Siklósi Béla

Folton Folt Avantgard   Exc-1, CAC, R.CACIB
Folton Folt Cheyen   Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

With this achievement Avantgard fulfilled the conditions
of HCH title


2014. 02. 16. FEHOVA CACIB Judge: Hartmann György

Folton Folt Avantgard  Exc 1
Folton Folt Cheyen  Exc-1, CAC, CACIB, BOS

We have puppies!

1 harlequin female, 1 merle male and 1 merle female for sale.





January 2014.


Site of our dogs enriched with new show results from 2013


Huge congratulations to Folton Folt Wildboy, who accomplished the
 International Champion de Beaute title with his last winning in Nitra!



We have just one available harlequin boy from our  'H' litter
Information about the  "H" puppies >>>



december 2013


We have puppies!

On Oct 28 2013.
2 harlequin males and a merle female born in our repeated litter, out of :


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